Oxcombe Range

Oxcombe Range
Sophie Olivant

Sophie began her exploration of ceramics at Lincoln Art College where she gained a UAL Diploma in Art & Design.

Oxcombe Pottery Range 

In addition to all of the hands-on workshops and events that take place at Oxcombe, we have created a range of domestic ware available to buy, alongside our gallery of work made by Oxcombe members. Sophie Olivant, who teaches at Oxcombe when in the UK, has developed a bespoke collection of ceramic wares that are perfect for home use. 

Inspired by the Oxcombe landscape and historic farmstead, Sophie has developed glazes that not only reflect the colour palette of the environment but literally incorporate wood ash from trees on the estate. This is a sustainable byproduct of warming our studio spaces on a cold winter days. 

Made on site, the work is wheel-thrown by Sophie in a traditional way, with ergonomics in mind. Carved decorative surfaces and pulled handles add the final touches. After bisque firing, the work is glazed and fired in our large gas kiln in a reduction atmosphere, which brings out the rich tones of the clay and mineral elements in the glazes. 

The Oxcombe range is high fired making it hard wearing and suitable for use in the oven, dishwasher and microwave.